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About Us

  • Owned by two sisters, continuing sharing their parents’ passion for Medieval Clothing, we’ve been designing, producing and selling historically accurate Viking and Medieval clothing online for history reenactment, LARP, and cosplay enthusiasts.
  • We’ve been in the market of high-quality Medieval, Larp, Viking and Renaissance clothing and costumes for nearly 18 years in İstanbul /Turkey.
  • Medieval ClothingWe are a direct producer and ONLINE seller company of High-quality Medieval, Larp, Viking and Renaissance costumes. We use only 100% Pure Cotton CANVAS and POPLIN FABRIC.
  • In May 2017, I and my sister took on the command of the ship and stopped producing for European and American wholesalers and have started to produce our own branded costumes. We’ve been creating historically accurate clothing for Medieval reenactment passionists, costume departments of period films, LARP enthusiasts, and cosplayers but only now we are using our own brand. We decided to do that to bring the costumes to you without any middlemen so that you can buy the same product from the producer for less. Now are expanding our sales network in many ways to take high quality costumes/clothing to online shops, distributors, reenactments, theaters, retailers and end-customers.
  • Most of the high-quality costumes you see in most of the online shops and wholesalers in Europe are all our own models and productions produced in our own workshop in Istanbul/ Turkey. The fabrics (Cotton, Linen, and wool mixtures) do not contain any chemical compounds such as azo dyestuff.
  • For us, the human health is more important than money. Money is earned very easy as long as we give importance to customer health. We also never compromise on our product quality. We always keep our production quality high to keep the customers’ satisfaction high. Because we can only exist as long as our customers are with us.
  • Our models are in stock and we are adding new models to our collection. We are always ready to make immediate shipments.
  • I hope you will be happy with our costumes, quality, and competitive prices.
  • Please stay in contact with us directly for any questions.



  • Thanks for visiting our Medieval and Viking Clothing online shop! We are direct producer, Wholesaler and Online seller of all Medieval and Viking clothings in our shop.
  • We offer a large selection of historical clothing, Medieval clothing, Viking clothing and Renaissance clothing  at really very low prices, but in excellent quality.
  • For our Medieval clothing and Viking clothing collection, natural materials such as linen, cotton are used.
  • Our delivery times are very short, as all items are in stock.
  • Until the beginning of 2016, we have produced Medieval and Viking clothings to a few wholesaler companies in Europe.
  • We now produce all historical clothings for our online shop under our brand label ‘bycalvina’ in 100% Pure cotton Linen-look Canvas and Poplin.
  • You will be profitable if you shop directly from us and also you will buy good quality at low price but in short time.
  • Our prices are really very You can buy Medieval and Viking clothes from us.  We have been serving the online community since 2016.
  • We carry high quality Medieval Clothing, Viking clothing, Renaissance clothing  and Reenactment garments such us medieval tunics, medieval gowns, medieval over garments, medieval trousers, medieval gowns, medieval coats, medieval gugel, medieval dresses, medieval shirts, medieval costumes .
  • Furthermore, we also carry our catalog Viking clothing. There you can find Viking tunics, Viking trousers, Viking dresses, Viking apron dresses and Viking underwear amongst others .
  • Our site is updated daily to bring you the most current information on things like pre-orders and new products. We also upload products weekly so there is always something new and exciting.
  • We are the largest Producer, Wholeasaler and Online shop of Medieval, Viking and Renaissance items. Here is a list of things that we offer:
  • In our online catalog you will find items such as Clothing knight, Clothing Vikings and Teutons, Historical clothes, LARP clothing, Medieval capes, Medieval clothes, Medieval costumes, Medieval overgarments, Medieval underwear, Medieval dresses, Medieval skirts, Medieval blouses, Medieval pants, Medieval cloaks, Medieval shirts, Medieval vests and jackets, Medieval cowl, Middle Ages coats, Middle ages Cowl, Middle Ages pants, Middle Ages shirts, Middle Ages tunics, Viking apron dresses, Viking clothes, Viking clothing, Viking pants, Viking tunics, Viking underwear, Viking dress, Viking over garment
  • We have lots of medieval and renaissance clothing. We have styles for any occasion, whether you want to be an authentic peasant at the fair, a princess bride, the juggling jester or even the King, you are sure to find something here. Check out our Clothing category and our Themes category which groups the most popular items into themes and is really convenient if you are going for a certain look.
  • Can't find what your looking for? Or you want to be a reseller or distribute our  Medieval, Viking and Historical Clothings. So, Please then contact us to discuss about your business subject between us turning to the future.
  • We can give you real time help by answering your questions and helping you both finding specific products and also give you information of starting your own business. Help is just a click away! Or you can send us email 

IMPORTANT NOTE : You will be profitable if you shop from us and also you will buy good quality at low price but in short time. WHY? Because, you will be profitable first when buying and also when selling if you will shop directly from us ‘ PRODUCER’.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us! We are available from Monday to Friday.


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